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26 Suspected Myanmar Citizens Arrested From Guwahati Lodge

At least 26 suspected citizens of Myanmar were arrested from Guwahati city’s Kamrup Lodge on Sunday.

Police said among 26 persons, 16 were male and 10 others were female who have come all over from Myanmar’s Chin state and were going towards Delhi to study Bible (Theology).

The group was intercepted by Paltanbazar police after getting specific input from its source about the presence of foreign nationals at a lodge in the city’s Rehabari locality.
The arrested persons have been identified as Biak Lion Ceu (28), Hrang Khen Cung(25), Henry Vanhubik (20), Van Ceu Lian (21), Than Feel(20), Denial Lalsual Hub(18), Lal Kim Lian(19), Sui Than Luai(26), Kei Than Hrang (23), Van Eng Lian(18), Van Uk Lian (21), Miss Biak Nei Lang (19), Miss Lal Cei Mawi (22), Miss Len Mawi(28), Mrs. Biak Hnem Par (18), Mim Lal Cerpar (18), Miss Van Biak Cuai (24), Nuam Ngaih Kham (25), Kam Sian Lian (27), Thang Sian Muang (25), Thank Ho Siam (18), Sut Khan Kim (27), Miss Daisy Sian Nem (27), Miss Din Lancing (23), Miss Cing Than Siam (20), Miss Awi Khawl Huai(27).

“Forged Indian documents such as Adhar card, Voter ID, etc were recovered from their possession which were made in Mizoram,” police said.

A case no no.860/2021 U/ S 468 IPC R / W sec 14 of foreigners act – 1946 , R/W sec 3/4 passport(Entry into India) act 1920, R/W sec 6 off passport(Entry into India) rules 1950 was registered at Paltan Bazar police station.

“We have arrested the person after getting inputs about their stay at the lodge. We have registered a case and our investigation is going on,” said a police official.

It has been alleged that the arrested foreigners also had fake United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) ID cards. Preliminary investigation also revealed that one from the group has already spent some time in Kerala after crossing the international border a few months ago, and he after going back to his native country helped this group to enter India.

Mizoram’s Champhai district shares its international border with Myanmar’s Chin state. People from Myanmar’s Chin community and the Mizos belong to the Zo ethnic group and they share the same ancestry. Hundreds of Myanmarese nationals have reportedly entered India through Mizoram following a military coup in that country.

In June this year, the Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel arrested a total of 9 Rohingya refugees, including 3 women and a child in Guwahati.

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