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A fire broke out at Mother and Child Care unit in Assam Medical College Hospital, 1 infant dies

An infant died after a fire broke out at the Mother and Child Care unit at Assam Medical College Hospital(AMCH) on Sunday night.

According to sources, the infant who was in the intensive care unit (ICU) with ventilation support, died after the disconnection of electricity due to the fire.

The hospital authorities had notice smoke from electrical wires located above the ceiling, believed to be caused by a short circuit. They immediately sprayed from about 10 to 15 fire extinguishers in the affected area.

It might be noted that after the fire broke out, the patients and their attendance were seen running to save their lives.

“It was frightening. Everybody is running after the fire broke out at the unit. But due to timely action taken by the AMCH authorities, the fire was brought under control,” said a patient.

AMCH Superintendent Indra Chutia said on Sunday night around 10.15 pm the incident took place and the situation was restored by the ward boys and security personnel in about 10 minutes.

“It’s an unfortunate incident. One infant was admitted to the ICU in critical condition on Thursday and at 11.30 pm the baby died. However, the infant’s death had nothing to do with the incident,” Chutia said.
He added they have adequate power backup in the ICU.

Chutia said, “There were 54 newborn babies in the ICU and as a precautionary measure the critically ill babies were immediately shifted to the inborn ICU,”.

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