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AJP stage “Jatiya Gorjon” demonstration demanding scrapping of CAA

The Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) on Tuesday staged a “Jatiya Gorjon” demonstration rally near the Chowkidinghee playground in Dibrugarh demanding scraping of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and implementation of the 5th and 6th clause of the Assam Accord.

The rally was led by AJP Dibrugarh district president Paragjyoti Baruah. The AJP has been strongly opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act since the beginning.

The clause 5 of the Assam Accord relates to detection, deletion and deportation of foreigners who entered Assam illegally after March 25, 1971 while clause 6 calls for constitutional, legislative and administrative measures to safeguard, protect, preserve and promote the cultural, social, linguistic identity and heritage of the Assamese people.

“This vital clause has been ignored by the government when it recently formed a committee to implement the Accord. After spending 1600 crores in National Register of Citizen(NRC), there still remains many flaws in the NRC. The whole government machinery had been used in the Assam NRC process but till now the correct NRC has been not published.The BJP government has forcefully brought CAA in Assam to give citizenship to Hindu Bangladeshi,” a leader of AJP said.

The AJP alleges that the contentious CAA violates the Assam Accord as it seeks to provide Indian Citizenship to Hindus, Jain, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsis who came to India on or before December 31, 2014, from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan after five years of residence here.

The AJP leaders also alleged the percentage of the Assamese-speaking population will be decrease by 10 per cent over a 20 year period.

“The percentage of the Assamese-speaking population in Assam was 47 per cent as per the 2011 Census. It is predicted to come down to 37 per cent by 2031. Once the Assamese-speaking population becomes a minority, it will be no good trying to protect their identity,” the AJP stated.

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