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Akhil Gogoi Led Massive Protest In Dhemaji To Repeal Assam Cow Protection Act

Sivasagar MLA and president of Raijor Dal Akhil Gogoi led a massive protest against the new Assam cow protection Act in Assam’s Dhemaji district on Monday.

The people in hundreds joined Akhil Gogoi in the protest demanding Assam government to repeal the Act.

Akhil Gogoi said that their party from today launched their protest against the Act till the Act is not repealed.

“Today from Jonai, I declared our protest against the Cow Protection Act. We will soon launch a state-wide agitation if the Assam government fails to repeal the Cow protection Act,” Gogoi asserted.

Gogoi further added, “This new Cow Protection Act in Assam will result in massive losses for the farmers of the state. The Act will not benefit us but it will destroy the backbone of the Assam economy. The farmers will yield nothing from this Act accept losses,”.

He said the ruling BJP in Assam brought the Act “just to please the RSS”.

“Cow Protection Act is a conspiracy to harass the poor. No poor farmers will be benefitted from this Act,” he asserted.

The Act prohibits the sale, offers, or exposure of beef in areas, which are predominately inhabited by Hindu, Jain, Sikh and other non-beef eating communities.

The prohibition is also effected within a radius of 5 km of any temple, Xatra, or other Hindu religious institutions.

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