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“Alaap aru Alochona” by Assam CM with minority intellectuals for population control

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma will hold meetings with the Muslim intellectuals on Sunday to discuss the need for “two child norm“, a topic that Sarma had been promoting since June 10 this year.

Sarma had been promoting this norm by saying that it will help in proper allocation of resources in the state and also in eradicating poverty among the community.

In an official release the state government stated, “An interactive session, ‘Alaap Aru Alochana’ (talks and discussion) by the Chief Minister with intellectuals and leading persons of minority community will be held on (Sunday) at Assam Administrative Staff College, Khanapara.”

Chandra Mohan Patowary, Minister of Welfare of Minorities and Development Department, will also be present in the interactive session.

According to the Chairman of Assam State Minority Welfare Board, Syed Mominul Awal, around 120 people from indigenous Muslim community is expected to attend the meet.”

Sarma, in a meeting earlier had said, Muslims comprise 34% of the 3.12 crore population of Assam, of which 4% are indigenous Assamese Muslims and the remaining are mostly Bengali-speaking Muslims.

The BJP led government in Assam had earlier proposed the creation of a development board for indegenious Muslims communities Goria, Moria, Deshi and Jolah.

Sarma, during a meeting on June 10, after completion of a month of taking charge of Assam government, while answering to a query on eviction drives in the state had said, that unless the state adopts a two child policy, especially the minority community, it will always have a dearth of land, job and other opportunities.

This had evoked criticism from the oppositions in the state.

When asked that his population control proposal has evoked strong reactions, he told media persons earlier, “I haven’t received any reactions from Muslim people. Infact, the two factions of All Assam Minority Students Union have met me twice in the last one month and had openly welcomed acknowledging that Muslim population in Assam needs population control measures.”

He said,” I am meeting lot of Muslim intellectual in the month of July and I am sure that they will support state government policies as this is the only way through which poverty and illiteracy can be eradicated from the Muslim minorities of Assam.”

The chief minister added, “I will have intensive discussion with various socio-political organisations of Muslim community. This is for the welfare of Muslim community and I do not think that there is any resistance to it.”

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