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AMCH scripts success story reviving a 65-year-old COVID-19 patient despite a cardiac arrest

-Sashank Chakraborty

With Mohan Rajbhar, the Assam Medical College & Hospital (AMCH) scripted a success story of a sexegenerian, vulnerable age group for COVID-19, reviving from the disease despite a major cardiac arrest.

Rajbhar was admitted to the hospital infected of corona virus and a dropping oxygen saturation-level (SpO2) on June 12.

Doctors recorded SpO2 at 92%, Blood Pressure being 130/82 and Pulse Rate at 92 BPM

Though over the course of treatment, his SpO2 was getting better, he suffered a cardiac arrest on June 16, four days after admission.

To resuscitate him was possible because of a favourable SoO2 at that point of 99 per cent, the doctors said.

Rajbhar was immediately put on support on non-invasive ventilation while his blood pressure was 140/80 & Pulse Rate at 150 BPM as on June 16.

Amidst his body fighting all odds, he was put into intubation (an artificial process supporting the breathing process of a patient) the next day of his cardiac arrest on June 17 with his SpO2 level at 50
“Rajbhar was kept into intubation till 19 of June as his body was not reaching the desired & stable saturation level. On June 19, after coming out of the intubation support system, Rajbhar’s body & respiratory system had also started showing signs of high revival ushering in a ray of hope for his survival,” the medical team at AMCH said.
On June 21, he went off of oxygen support and by June 22, last Tuesday, Rajbhar walked out of the hospital testing negative of the disease and survived a cardiac arrest.

“Being into intubation added by the hammer COVID are very rare and had made Rajbhar’s case very complicated. His full recovery is one of the first of its kind successful case (with such complications) in AMCH which has fueled in enormous courage with a glim of positivity amongst all patients to defeat the disease & return back to the smiling phase of life,” a doctor in the medical team that treated him said.

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