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Arunachal: Changlang DC imposed sec 144 after landslides affected Margherita-Changlang road

Arunachal’s Changlang Deputy Commissioner Sunny K. Singh through an order under section 144 CrPC prohibits the movement of all types of vehicles along the Margherita- Changlang road with immediate effect after rain-triggered landslides damaged a large portion of the road.

Landslides triggered by torrential rains damaged a large portion of the Margherita-Changlang road near the Rang Frah temple area on Tuesday.

A large crack developed in one portion of the road in the morning, and by afternoon, half of the road was completely swept away.

Continuous and heavy rainfall has also caused landslides in a few spots along the 45-km-long Margherita-Changlang road. Trees and large boulders also fell at some portions of the road.

Changlang SP Mihin Gambo said, “Due to massive landslides, the Margherita-Changlang road was affected. Restoration work has been going on. Many vehicles were stranded due to the landslides. Due to heavy restoration work has been hampered,”.

The Margherita-Changlang road is the lifeline of the people of Changlang district headquarters. Its closure could hamper food and vegetable supply and emergency medical treatment for the patients.

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