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Arunachal Pradesh: Community landowners lockdown NHPC’s DAMP site

The Dibang multipurpose project (DAMP) site of the NHPC Limited has been placed on lockdown by the community landowners, owing to the compensation row between the power developer and the landowners.

Last Sunday, nearly 100 people, comprising project-affected families (PAF), clan members and community landowners marched to the DAMP sites in Pathar Camp, Panjabi Camp and Munli Camp in Lower Dibang Valley district as a mark of protest and locked all the sites down.

“We are tired of the games played by the NHPC and frustrated at the negligent attitude of the GoAP. Earlier, in their letter to the land management secretary, the CM and the NHPC GM, the clan people and the community landowners had asked the NHPC to cease all kinds of project works until the vexed issue of land compensation is resolved,” the PAFs informed.

Banners and posters reading ‘People first, project next’, ‘This is not Faridabad, respect the land’ and ‘This is Arunachal, respect the tribes’ were erected and pasted all around the sealed sites.

One of the members, said the community people have waited for three years since the land compensation award was made on 15.12.2017.

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