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Assam: 90’s television offered Rs 1 crore in Rangia, courtesy “red mercury” myth

A rumour has made people of lower Assam’s Rangia district go frenzied over the now obsolete 90’s television sets.

The rumour that had pushed people to look out for old television sets or transistors originated from a Youtube video about the presence of “Red mercury”, a substance whose scientifical existence has not been proven yet.

The buyers have finally found a television set from the 90s in the possession of a family in Chepti, about 23 km from the district headquarters.

“Since the past couple of days, buyers had been making a beeline to buy the old, now defunct television set that had been lying with us because we couldn’t sell those off earlier,” the owner, seeking anonymity to avoid further attention said.

The Youtube video, that had set people seeking for the television set had mentioned the quantity of red mercury they may find inside will be worth Rs 1 crore to 3 crores.

The myth of red mercury had been making its rounds since a very long time  which suggests it to be an elixir and a radioactive material used to make a nuclear weapon.

In the middle-eastern world, it is believed that the red mercury has been put inside the throats of the mummies kept in the pyramids of Egypt that keeps the carcasses fresh and if extracted, will work as an elixir for those suffering from untreatable ailments.

In other theories, red mercury is believed to be abundantly available in the 90s, and was widely used in Television sets and transistors for catching long-distance signals in limited technology of those days. The theory suggests that mankind had later rediscovered the nuclear implications of the substance that ran dry and are only available in those old techs.

The family, owning the television in Chepti, however, did not budge to the buyers and wished not to get involved in the conspiracy theory.

In reality, Red mercury is a red-coloured mercury-containing ore, Mercury sulphide which is actually harmful to health and does not have any of the properties that are being claimed.

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