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Assam and Tripura extends curfew to June 16 and June 10 respectively

Assam and Tripura have on Friday extended their curfews as the number of COVID cases doesn’t show any sign of going down till June 16 and June 10 respectively.

However, both the countries have made changes in the hours of the curfew.

While in Assam, the curfew was at place from 12 noon to next day morning 5 AM and shops would have to be shut by 11 am, from Sunday onwards, the shops will be allowed to operate till 12 noon and curfew will be imposed at 1 pm.

In Tripura that had Day curfew from 5 am to 4 pm and night curfew from 6 pm till next day 5 am during which, essential shops were allowed to function from morning 5 am till 12 noon, the day curfew hours has been extended till 6 pm and the essential shops will be allowed to function till 2 pm from Sunday.

Meanwhile, inter district and inter state movement of people, is banned in both the states.

Besides the restrictions in movement, to avoid over-crowding during the times when movements are allowed, the Assam government also has an odd-even rule in which, vehicles with odd registration numbers will only ply on odd days while the even on even days.

As on date, Assam has over 50 thousand active cases while 3523 people have died while Tripura currently has over 3 thousand active cases while over 500 people have died.

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