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Assam: Carcass of leopard recovered from Maijan tea estate in Dibrugarh

A carcass of a leopard was recovered from Maijan tea estate in upper Assam Dibrugarh on Monday morning.

Sources said the leopard was found laying dead near Maijan tea factory.

The workers of the tea garden found the carcass of the leopard on Monday morning while they are plucking tea leaves.

“The forest department came and take away the carcass of the leopard for postmortem. The leopard died 2-3 days ago,” said a local resident.

Leopards frequently ventured into the tea garden area in search of food.

“The leopard takes away our domestic animals. Our children are afraid to go out due to the fear of leopards. Recently, many leopards were caged from our tea estate,” he said.

However, incidents of man-animal conflict have been reported from different parts of Assam.
Experts say that due to the shrinking of forest covers, the big cats come out from the forest in search of food and land in the human territory which results in man-animal conflict.

“We have sent the carcass of the leopard for autopsy. We suspect that the leopard died due to poisoning,” said a forest official.

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