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Assam Congress should no longer continue Mahajot: Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi

Assam Lok Sabha MP Gaurav Gogoi on Friday said that the Congress in the state must no longer be a part of the ‘Grand Alliance’ and instead focus on making the party stronger at the grassroot level.

Addressing mediapersons here, Gogoi said an independent Congress was important for making the party stronger at all levels.

Earlier, he also made his “personal view” known in a one-on-one meeting with the Assam PCC president.

“I believe it is time for the Indian National Congress in Assam to be independent of the Mahajot. The Congress is the only party that can take on the BJP. For that we need to strengthen our party organisation across Assam, including those constituencies where there are MLAs of the Mahajot,” the Congress MP said.

“Prior to the formation of the Mahajot, the party has fulfilled its duty as an Opposition party on its own. Going forward, the party may still consult with other Opposition parties if and when the BJP government brings anti-people policies. People have huge expectations from the Congress and if we will fulfil them, we will form the next government in 2026,” he said.

The Congress had forged a Mahajot allying with at least 10 political parties including it’s arch enemy AIUDF and its estranged ally BPF in Bodoland ahead of Assam Assembly elections 2021. However, the alliance with AIUDF didn’t go down well both among the masses and party workers who were miffed on giving away crucial seats to the allies instead of party leaders.

“These sentiments are not only mine but that of thousands of party workers across the state,” he said.

Gogoi further pointed out that in many regions of the state, whether it is in Hailakandi, Dhubri or Nagaon, there were Mahajot candidates but no Congress candidates in the Assembly polls.

“When Congress was in the Mahajot and had to leave several seats for our allies, many grassroots workers were disheartened. So it is time that the party listens to the aspirations and sentiments of the party workers and free itself from the grand alliance,” he said.

Bypolls to at least five constituencies are scheduled in the next five to six months.

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