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Assam: Dip In Oxygen Level, High Organic Load Behind Deaths Of Fish At Iconic Dighalipukhuri

Scores of dead fish were found floating on the Dighalipukhuri tank in Guwahati on Sunday.

Following the detection of many dead fish floating on the water and reporting of the incident in the media, Minister for Fisheries, Parimal Suklabaidya directed the officials of the department to visit the site and ascertain the cause behind the mass deaths of fish.
Officials of the department after examination of the collected samples of the dead fish and the waterbody found that dissolved oxygen depletion in the tank coupled with high organic load were the causes behind the deaths of fish.
Around 400 fish, of Rohu, Carla, Mrigal, Silver Carp, Common Carp and Tilapia species weighing around 600 kg died in the Dighalipukhuri water tank.

“Fish mortality was due to sudden dip in oxygen level and high organic load in the tank. Departmental officers after examination found deaths of fish not due to poisoning but environmental degradation,” said Suklabaidya.

The department, as a short-term measure, increased the oxygen level in water by showering water through a pump and creating wave action through mechanised boats.
Dighalipukhuri the iconic tourist destination of the Capital city Guwahati was closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so there is little chance of any human being been directly affected by the death of the fish, experts claimed.

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