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Assam Govt launches solar fencing project to curb Man-Elephant conflict

Man-Elephant conflict in various districts of Assam as well as in Golaghat district has been causing widespread problems in the past.

A Solar Fencing project was launched by Golaghat MLA and state Finance Minister Ajanta Neog on Saturday at Aitonia Mirigaon in the district at the cost of Rs 28 lakh.

With this solar fencing of about six kilometres, farmers in several local villages will get enough relief from the wild elephant menace from now on.

As the forest cover shrinks daily, many people in different districts of Assam have already lost their lives and many properties have been destroyed as wild elephants have entered the forest area.

On the other hand, many elephants have also died in Assam from time to time as a result of the man-elephant conflict.

Deaths of wild elephants are often seen in Assam due to efforts to prevent man-elephant conflict without proper technology.

Farmers in more than 20 villages, especially in Golaghat district, including Oating, Dalowjan, Jamuguri, and Nogora have been facing a lot of problems in the past due to the wild elephant menace.

The farmers have been damaging the agricultural fields by entering the forest areas in search of food by wild elephants from the Nambor forest.

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