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Assam: Lax attitude of Dibrugarh University against ragging

Dibrugarh University hostel warden Dibya Jyoti Dutta failed to take any step against ragging despite a complaint being made by Anand Sharma.

A letter written by Anand Sharma, an MCom first-semester student of Dibrugarh University went viral on Tuesday which was written on 17 November 2022 to the PNGB warden. In the letter, he had urged the warden to take steps against ten senior students who were involved in ragging.

Sources said Dibrugarh University authorities failed to take steps against the students despite knowing everything.

When things came to light on November 27, 2022, Dibrugarh University authorities tried to hide shortcomings and save the warden.

It was learned that for the last three months, Anand Sharma (22) was the victim of ragging and faced physical and mental torture. Not only, Anand, but there are two more students who also faced the same torture in the name of ragging.

Speaking to this Correspondent,
elder sister of Anand, Monisha Sharma said, “My brother is a victim of ragging for more than three months, he has been facing harassment from his seniors in PNGB hostel. His seniors mentally and physically tortured him regularly in the hostel. I have told the warden about the ragging incident but despite knowing everything he failed to take any step against the students.”

“When I told the warden about the ragging incident which was going on regularly with my brother. He told me to complain to the higher authorities. My brother had also filed complaints to UGC. But no steps were taken against the senior students,” Monisha said.

She further said, “When the senior came to know that Anand is going to complain about them, they started harassing him regularly and threatened him that if he complained against them then they would make his life miserable and even threatened to kill him.”

“We have many hopes with Anand because he is a bright student since his childhood. We want Anand to pursue higher studies. Now, the future of Anand is in doldrum. We appeal to the government to take full responsibility for Anand and his future because he is the victim of ragging,” Monisha told the Sentinel.

Monisha further said, “We want the best treatment for Anand and demand strict punishment for the culprits who were responsible for torturing my brother and compelled him to take the drastic step.”

“The Dibrugarh University authorities should take action against the warden who is responsible for the incident. How could ex-student of Dibrugarh University enter the PNGB hostel and stay there? The warden should look after the matter but after knowing everything he failed to take any step. The ex-student a former general secretary of Dibrugarh University Rahul Chetri is the main culprit behind the incident,” said a source at Dibrugarh University.

The incidents of ragging have been going on in all hostels of Dibrugarh University but the matter has been unreported.

“The Dibrugarh University authority is equally responsible for the incident. How could things have gone too bad? Dibrugarh University has expelled the 18 students from the hostel. Strict action should be taken against the students who were found guilty. It seems that the Dibrugarh University authority is trying to save the warden and the students,” said a former professor of Dibrugarh University.

Meanwhile, Dibrugarh police have arrested three students involved in the ragging incident.

Talking to the correspondent, Dibrugarh Deputy Commissioner Biswajit Pegu said they have ordered a magisterial enquiry regarding the ragging incident at Dibrugarh University.

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