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Assam rebel outfit UPRF lays down arms

A month after the commander in chief of United People’s Revolutionary Front (UPRF) was gunned down in East Karbi Anglong of NC Hills in Assam, the rebel outfit had on Monday sent its letter of the ceasefire.

The outfit believed to be of Kuki community settled in the NC Hills has expressed its interest in “permanent peace and harmony” and declared “unilateral ceased fire” for a period of two months effective from Wednesday (November 11).

It said it will continue its cause through “mainstream politics in “peaceful and democratic means”.
Karbi Anglong SP said the outfit has sent a list of about 40-45 of its cadres active in the state along with their arms.

“The peace process is going on a positive note. After verifying the cadres and their arms, the state will decide on considering their surrender,” Karbi Anglong SP Debojit Deuri told News Move on Monday.

The outfit, that had earned certain notoriety in the past decade after it had procuring assault rifles from China via Myanmar, had, however, sought to surrender about three years ago after counter-terrorism moves from Assam Government had gunned down three of its cadres.

On October 6 this year, in a planned raid conducted by Karbi Anglong police, the outfit’s C-in-C Martin Guite was gunned down in Singhason Hills of East Karbi Anglong.

“There will not be any attacks while the talks are on,” SP Deuri said.

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