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Assam: Tea worker fatally injured while working at Lepetkatta tea factory

A woman was seriously injured while working at Lepetkatta tea factory in Dibrugarh when her hair got stuck in the CTC machine on Tuesday.

The worker has been identified as Maina Nayak (24), who accidentally entered into the dryer machine of the tea garden and sustained serious injuries.

The incident has sparked tension among the workers of the tea factory.

The woman was rushed to Assam Medical College and Hospital for treatment but doctors referred her to Guwahati Medical College and Hospital.

“There is no safety measures for the worker. When there is inspection visit or audit, the garden management give us protection equipments or safety tools. We are not given any protection tools while working and due to that, the incident happened,” alleged a worker of the factory.

He said, “Woman should not work in the CTC machine without any safety tools. The garden management should look after the matter seriously,”.

ATTSA, Dibrugarh district secretary, Lakhindra Kurmi said, “Due to the negligence of the garden management, the incident happened. The woman injured herself by entering into CTC machine. The garden management is responsible for the incident because how the management has given her permission to work at dryer machine,”.

“We demand a high level inquiry into the incident. The garden management advocates safety first, but there is no safety in the tea factory itself. The labour department has failed miserably to check the safety measures. We held the manager responsible for the incident,”.

Kurmi said, “The garden management has violated all the safety norms by engaging women to work in dryer machines. There is no protection for the workers in the tea factory but the labour department after knowing all this thing remains a mute spectator,”.

“We demand full compensation for the injured worker and a permanent job should be given to her in the tea garden,” Kurmi said.

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