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Assam TMC stage symbolic protest with the celebration of PM Modi’s birthday

Assam unit Trinamool Congress (TMC) on Wednesday staged a symbolic protest by celebrating PM Narendra Modi’s birthday at Guwahati.

Assam TMC unit president Ripun Bora was seen wearing PM Narendra Modi’s mask.

Talking to media persons, Ripun Bora said, “We are not against PM Narendra Modi. We wish him long life and good health. It is a symbolic protest where we have raised certain questions. What is the reason for celebrating PM Narendra Modi’s birthday for 15 long days. It is just for the campaign and for personnel projection”.

“The situation of the country is worst than ever because the BJP government has curbed the freedom of speech and rights of the citizen. Nobody can say anything against them. They have also curbed the democratic rights of the citizen”.

Bora further said, “We have raised eight questions to Narendra Modi. Why Assam has been deprived of special category status. In every meeting, PM Modi said A for ‘Assam’. Assam is our top priority but then why Assam has been deprived of central grants.”

“Narendra Modi said by May 16, 2014, every illegal Bangladeshi migrant should go with bag and baggage but we want to ask him how many illegal Bangladeshi were deported during the rule,” Bora stated.

He further stated, “Our main objective of the protest is to ask eight numbers of questions in respect to Assam,”.

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