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Assam: Two police personnel washed away by flood in Nagaon

Two police personnel including the officer in charge of Kampur Police Station in Nagaon were washed away in the river current in the wee hours of Monday.

As per sources, of the two, one person, a constable of the police station was recovered dead on Monday morning while the officer in charge is still to be traced.

Police sources informed that the police personnel were out for investigating a case near the Madhupur area of Kampur but they fell into the flood waters.

The deceased constable has been identified as Rajib Bordoloi, a resident of Nagaon’s Hujgaon.

The officer in charge of the police station, identified as Samujjal Kakoti of Changsari in Kamrup is still to be traced and is feared to be dead.

Locals said that they even saw Kakoti battling with the flood waters and although they did try to save him, he was washed away by the current.

The officials of the police station said that Kakoti had recently joined the police station and was still new to the area.

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