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Australia bushfires – The Damage & More…

Bushfire at Australia

The bushfire ravaging Australia this season has been of a greater magnitude than before. During the Australian summer, there is a fire season every year due to the hot and dry weather. 

1. The bushfire in Australia is burning for months and there is slightest sign of slowing down. Moreover, strong winds have made the fires and smoke spread in a rapid manner. 

2. All the states and territories of Australia experienced the fire this year. However, the stretches of eastern and the southern coast are the most affected areas.

State of emergency at Australia (Image : BBC)

3. Scientists say that it’s the rising levels of CO2 that is warming the planet and Australia is turning hotter over the last few decades and it will keep continuing.  

4. About 28 people have died and the wildlife of Australia has been hugely affected with the death of millions of animals.  

5. A state of emergency has been declared as the towns have been engulfed in flames and many people have lost their homes.  

6. The two most populous states New South Wales and Victoria are at the highest risk.

7. Professional firefighters are employed while thousands of volunteers are also engaged in reducing the fire.  

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