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Birds rendered homeless after shelter destroyed by Assam district admin

The Tangla Municipality Board (TMB) in Udalguri has become harsh on the innocent cattle egrets by chopping down bamboo trees, where the cattle egrets were nestling since many years.

It is noteworthy that the local administration issued a notice on June 8 to a group of residents of the area that the bamboo grove needs to be chopped down as it may result in the spread of Covid-19 infection.

The notice stated that the excretion of the birds has resulted in an ‘unhealthy‘ atmosphere.

As the residents didn’t take any action, the Municipality Board chopped down the trees on Thursday which destroyed the nestlings.

An Assistant professor of Wildlife Sciences, Don Bosco University, Nilutpal Mahanta filed a complaint against the local administration for destroying the shelters of the birds.

“The local administration has mislead the people by stating that bird’s excreta can lead to the spread of Covid-19 without any scientific proof,” Mahanta said.

Mahanta said that the Grove was sheltering over 300 egrets out of which mostly were newborns.

“There were many other options that could have been adopted to solve the issue instead of chopping it down and leaving the poor egrets to die,” Mahanta said.

A WTI rescue centre team of Kaziranga is on its way to save the rest of the birds.

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