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Blown out of proportion, a monkey portrayed as tiger: Tripura CM Biplab Deb clarifies his remark on media

After widespread criticism from the media fraternity, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on Tuesday clarifies his remark on media people as a case of a “monkeys being portrayed as tigers”

Asking media people to have a self reflection, Deb said, “Often media portrays a monkey as a tiger and a tiger as a monkey. My comment has also been taken out of context and blown out of proportion.”

Deb last Saturday in the sidelines of a function – inauguration of Special Economic Zone – in South Tripura’s Sabroom town had said that he won’t “forgive” a section of media that had created “confusion “regarding the COVID-19 management by the state through their reportages.

 “Neither the history, or me, or the people of Tripura will forgive them (a section of media). I, Biplab Deb, am a man of my word and I do what i say,” he had said in the meeting.

This had enraged media people to the extent that it had formed a joint ‘Tripura Assembly of Journalist’ to raise the issue in national platform and demanded the CM to withdraw his comment within three days. Two journalists, one of whom had retaliated to the CM’s comment over a Facebook live, had been roughed up in the state by miscreants after of which, one is still in serious condition.

“The media should also be self-critical. It remains to be seen whether they are acting responsibly but, my comments in Sabroom were not warnings. I just wanted the people of the state about the various conspirators who are hatching evil plans to malign the reputation of the state government. Due to such publicity, people are now afraid of coming to the hospitals,” Deb told the group of journalists at the state secretariat in capital city Agartala.

He urged upon all to remain strong and steady and to extend co-operation to the government in coping with the raging COVID pandemic. He further appealed media fraternity to co-operate and not to confuse and mislead people by presenting wrong news and disinformation.

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