CM Mamata Banerjee to reincarnate as Goddess Durga in a Kolkata pandal

A Durga Puja organising club in the outskirts of Kolkata, West Bengal has decided to sculpt the Goddess in the form of the chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

The organisers of the Nazrul Park Unnayan Samiti located at Baguhati in the eastern fringes of the city said it is not “political promotion” but a way to express their gratitude towards the Chief Minister who had formed government last May for the third consecutive time.

As per the theme — “Mamata, You are the only Hope” — the goddess, who would resemble Banerjee with facial expressions and don White saree bordered with blue stripes and bathroom sandals like the CM. Like the goddess’ ten hands that held various instruments, the sculpture will also have ten hands and esch with one of the beneficiary schemes West Bengal under her leadership had announced.

Beneficiary schemes like Kanyashree to make the girls self-reliant, Yuvashree for the youth, Duare Sarkar, government at the doorsteps, Parai Parai Samadhan, solution of problems at the local levels, will be the highlights besides several other, said the sculptor Montu Pal.

“In the background of the idol, there will be the logo of ‘Biswa Bangla’. And the ten hands of the idol will carry replicas of the ten most popular developmental schemes,” Pal said.

The pandal this year will also portray the popular “Lakkhir Bhandar” scheme, a monthly dole scheme for women of each family ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000.

The organisers, however, maintains that the theme is to thank Banerjee who had worked tirelessly not only to change the image of the state but also to provide government benefits to those who have been out of the mainstream in the past ten years than a political publicity.

“This is more of a social awareness and not political propaganda,” one of the organizers of the puja said.

Banerjee, or as colloquially called Didi, had managed to come to power in 2011 ending 34 year left rule in Bengal and after comfortable 10 years rule, she was faced with another formidable competition this Assembly elections March-April from thehe BJP that had earned strong footing into the state in the 2019 general elections.

However, she managed to hold fort by defeating the BJP with a landslide margin.

“For the Bengali people, Durga Puja represents the victory of good over evil by a Goddess who fouht valiantly. For us, Didi did that by working tirelessly to make our lives beautiful. On one hand, she is trying to bring investment for the state, improving its economy and on the other, she is distributing those benefits to the people. It seems that she, like goddess Durga, is working with ten hands and so she becomes the theme of our puja,” the organizer said.

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