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Dehing Patkai Assam’s 7th National Park To Be Inaugurated on July 3rd.

Assam forest minister Parimal Suklabaidya will formally inaugurate the newly declared Dehing-Patkai National park on Saturday(July 3), which will become the 7th National park of Assam.

The 234.26-sq km Dining Patkai is situated in eastern Assam’s Dibrugarh and Tinsukia district is a major elephant habitat and 310 species of butterflies have been recorded there. The park has 47 species each of reptiles and mammals, including the tiger and clouded leopard.

Recently, the state government notified Dihing Patkai as a National Park, four days after creating the 422-sq km Raimona National Park in western Assam’s Kokrajhar district.

The new national park, popularly known as Dehing Patkai Rain Forest, has unique floral and faunal diversity, which was recognised by the state government in 2004, when 111.19 square kilometres of the area was notified as Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary.

“We are happy that finally Dehing Patkai was upgraded as National Park and formal inauguration will be done by forest minister on July 3. Dehing Patkai is rich in vegetation and one of the darkest forests in the world. It’s a prime habitat for several species,” said a Dibrugarh-based environmentalist.

Dehing-Patkai is home to Hoolock Gibbon, elephant, slow loris, tiger, leopard, clouded leopard, golden cat, fishing cat, marble cat, sambar, hog deer, sloth bear, and several bird species including the endangered state bird, the white-winged wood duck.

The National Park comprises pristine forest along the Assam-Arunachal interstate boundary, classified as the Assam Valley Tropical Wet Evergreen Forest.

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