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Detained Bangladeshi Women For Illegally Entering India Gives Birth In Assam Hospital

A Bangladeshi woman gave birth to a girl child at a hospital in Karimganj on Thursday.
Such is the fate of the child that not her parent’s motherland but a jail in a foreign land becomes her birthplace, and which is going to be part of her identity thorough out her life.
A Bangladeshi woman identified as Rashida Begum was lodged in Karimganj central jail for illegally entering India through Tripura.

“The woman along with 13 other Bangladeshis entered India illegally through Tripura. Police arrested them and sent them to Karimganj central jail. After the woman’s health condition deteriorated on Tuesday, we immediately admitted her to Karimganj hospital where she gave birth to a child on Thursday,” said an official of Karimganj jail.

According to doctors, both woman and her baby are in good health.

Rashida Begum along with her husband and their three children are in jail for the last few months.

“On December 28, 2020, the woman along with her husband Mohammad Alam and three children were sent to the jail for entering the country without a passport. We have been providing all assistance to the woman and her baby and will continue to do so after the doctor releases them from the hospital,” the official said.

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