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Fake doctor with forged certificate held in Dibrugarh

A person who faked to be a doctor was arrested with forged certificate from Tingkong tea estate of upper Assam district of Dibrugarh on Friday night. He has been working as a Doctor at Tingkong tea garden for the past two years.

The person has been identified as Pankaj Kumar Nath of Thalipukhuri village of Gohpur. The accused allegedly worked in several tea gardens across the state using different fictitious names in the past.

Mostly, the tea gardens people go to the quacks for treatment instead of going to proper doctor. In the name of the treatment the quack tortured the patients. Superstition has been prevelent in tea gardens of Assam and the people thought that if they go to quacks they will be cured soon.

Dibrugarh Additional Superintendent of police, Padmanavh Baruah said, “We got information regarding the presence of the fake doctor working at Tingkong tea estate for last two years. A police team of Tingkong police station conducted a raid and arrested the fake doctor from his residence. We have seized many fake certificates from him,”.

The person has been working in the tea garden since 2018 using a bogus registration ID and putting the lives of the people associated with the garden at risk through his fraudulence and quackery.

Baruah said, “During interrogation the person reveled that the fake certificates were made by him. We have sent him to judicial custody,”.

Sources said that many fake quack doctors are working in the tea gardens of Assam and they provide medicines to the people.

Lakhindra Kurmi, district Secretary of Assam Tea Tribe Students’ Association said, “After the murder of a doctor at Teok, no doctor want to work at tea garden and most of the tea gardens are functioning without a doctor. This type of fake person takes advantage of the situation. We demand a inquiry into the incident. Some of the tea gardens wants doctor but they are not getting any doctor to work for the tea gardens”.

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