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Four people’s arrested for alleged trading of rhino horn pieces

In a crackdown against illegal Rhino horn trade, Kaziranga forest department under Divisional Forest Officer Ramesh Gogoi on Thursday night arrested four persons in connection with trading of Rhino horn pieces.

They were identified as Rameswar Singnar, Dhanpur Kardong, Hariram Ingti and Biman Taro.

Talking to Newsmove, Kaziranga DFO Ramesh Gogoi said, “We have received information that some person’s have kept piece of Rhino horn with them and trying to sell the piece. After getting tip of information regarding the matter, we have arrested one Rameswar Singnar from Enlapathar area of Kohara. After interrogating him, he told us the name of other three persons who are also involved in the illegal trade. We have arrested all three of them from different areas,”

Gogoi said, “During interrogation they revealed that they have handed over the piece of Rhino horn to another person of Diphu. We are searching but till now we have not find the trace of that person’s who have collected the pieces of horn from them,”.

The DFO added, “This year two Rhinos were poached in Kaziranga National Park. We have managed to control Rhino poaching in Kaziranga National park because of the coordinated effort of the entire department. Police are helping us with anti-poaching activities. Earlier, large numbers of Rhinos were targeted and killed by poachers for their horn. We are extra vigil in this time to stop Rhino poaching,”.

However, Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has also been monitoring the activities. He has given extra importance to stop Rhino poaching in Kaziranga.

Sources said that international market has a huge demand of Rhino horn and for that reason rhinos were killed for their horn.

“There is a larger demand of Rhino horn in China, Vietnam, South Asian countries and Middle East. The poachers killed the Rhino and chopped its horn and sell them to various countries through Myanmar route. In the South Asian countries the Rhino horn has been used in making medicine,” said a source.

“Due to the joint effort of all the department and anti-poaching activities from time to time, Rhino poaching has been reducing in Kaziranga. Crime Control Bureau, CBI, Assam Police and other agencies are working in tandem to stop Rhino poaching in Kaziranga. Kaziranga National Park has a highest density of Rhino population,” said an official of Forest department.

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