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Hardcore ULFA(I) cadre apprehended in a joint operation at Pengree in Tinsukia

In a joint operation executed by Spear Corps of Indian Army and Assam Police, a hardcore Ulfa(I) cadre was apprehended at Pengree in upper Assam Tinsukia district on Thursday.

The ULFA(I) have been identified as Self-styled 2nd Lt. Prantik Asom. He was apprehended along with one .32 pistol, one magazine and nine live rounds.

The apprehended cadre was the Chief of Logistics and Administration of camps of ULFA(I) in Myanmar. He was also a close aide to one of the important ULFA(I) leaders Arunodhoy Asom.

The apprehended insurgent and recovered items were handed over to Tinsukia Police for further investigation.

His arrest is seen as a major blow to ULFA(I). ULFA(I) had already suffered a major crisis after the surrender of ULFA(I) deputy commander in chief Drishti Rajkhowa recently.

Sources said that ULFA(I) has been going through a crisis after the Myanmar army had unleashed a major operation to flush out northeastern rebels

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