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Fasting at regular intervals has a pattern to follow!

Fasting at regular intervals

“It’s very convenient to go for a regular fasting regime rather than hitting the gym, and especially when it suits my hectic schedule. I have been on intermittent fasting and gradually losing in inches” remarks Shaji Nair, a sales and training professional. Fasting is not new to our tradition; however, it has come back in the form of intermittent fasting (IF), which is a recent buzz amongst the ones who want to lose weight. The emphasis is on eating less and simple. In needs to follow a pattern of fasting according to one’s convenience.  

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As Make-up professional Pari Kalita says, “It’s easier to lose weight on intermittent fasting rather than other means. Whenever I eat late at night, the next day I try to skip meals in the first half of the day to maintain the time”. It only requires to consume calories within a specific window of the day. Healthy food should be eaten during the period, as the method will not be effective if a lot of junk food is consumed. Within that window 2-3 meals can be eaten. Non-caloric beverages can be consumed within the fasting period. Its more about living a healthy life; as according to a new study, it can lower cholesterol level and reduce stress and the result of it can be wondrous if followed by a well planned diet and adequate sleeping time.

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