International swimmer Elvis Ali Hazarika plans to cross the North Channel and English Channel

Elvis Ali Hazarika, former international swimmer and currently a channel swimmer has been planning to cross the North channel and English channel in the year 2022.

Speaking to Newsmove on Thursday, Elvis Ali Hazarika said, “I and my relay partner Rimo Saha are going to attempt to cross the North Irish Channel which is a swim of approx 42 km from Ireland to Scotland in the year 2022. I also aim to attempt and cross the English Channel in London in the year 2023,”.

Hazarika said, “We have started our preparation for that. Every day I practice swim in swimming pools and I am practising hard to achieve the target. By taking the necessary permission already, I have started my preparation. We will dedicate both the swims to the Covid heroes who have fought the virus to save lives and protect millions,”.

In 2019, Elvis Ali Hazarika become the first swimmer from Assam to cross the Catalina Channel in the United States of America. He began swimming across the Catalina Channel from the US to reach Mexico. He covered a distance of 80 km in 10 hrs 59 mins.

Elvis Ali Hazarika won as many as 68 national and 6 international gold medals. At the age of 9, he represented the nation in the Asia Pacific Swimming Championship in the year 1991.

Hazarika also represented India in South Asian Federation Games in 1995 and 1999 and the World Police Games in 2009 and Assam in the All-India-Pacific National Aquatic Games, Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior Aquatic National Championship and National Games.

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