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Attention to dressing can make man much modish!

Formal wear Men

It is essential to look confident in whatever one wears. Dressing is a skill which gets better with practice.  However, a few things a man should pay attention to, for instance:

1. Its important that whatever one wears should be of proper fit. So, whenever a new denim, shirt or blazer is bought, the required alteration should be made.

2. An eye for a style which suits one best should be developed. Taking out some time to list a few people whose style one likes would be helpful to develop the flair.   

Semi Formal Attire for Men (Representative Image, Image : The Trend Spotter)

3. Sometimes it’s better to focus on a classic style rather than creating a unique personal style to avoid disastrous outcome. However, gradually one can keep on adding personal twists.   

4. To have stylish people around would inspire one to dress up properly. Following such people in social media would be effective.

5. Its better to stick to solid colors and logo- less or graphic-less clothes as one looks mature and refined in it.

6. Jeans can never be the only option for leg wear. Chinos in different colors, such as burgundy or army-green can be worn to change the look.

Chinos can be an alternative to jeans for legwear (Image : The Trend Spotter)

7. Shoes are always noticed, so instead of wearing sneakers all the time, a proper pair of shoes to go with the outfit should be worn.

8. Remember that matching accessories such as watches, bracelets, sunglasses and belts always enhance one’s style.

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