Mental Health Awareness: Storyweavers’s ArtfulPeace Cumulative

Storyweavers, co-founded by journalist, strategist & entrepreneur Pritisha Borthakur, and advertising professional-cum-media entrepreneur Rishi Paullah, has been addressing Mental Health issues through several offline initiatives in Delhi-NCR and Northeast India; one popular platform being – Art After Dark – wherein they use performing arts as the healing element.

Mental health is a major concern worldwide and India is not far behind in sharing this. These conditions can profoundly affect literally millions of lives,
affecting the capability of these individuals to make it through the day, to sustain relationships, and to maintain work. Most people are searching for help, for an outlet where they can express themselves. In many communities,
that outlet is performing arts.

Since the pandemic has brought everything to a halt and a massive rise in
depression and anxiety cases have been seen of late, Storyweavers decided to
continue addressing mental health with a much better and effective approach
by launching their digital campaign – ArtfulPeace Cumulative – wherein the
founders are blending art, lifestyle and professional medical counseling to heal
minds and find answers to their problems.

More than 80+ musicians, poets and storytellers, healers, lifestyle coaches, and doctors, combined, have come on the board so far to support the cause.

“Anxiety and Depression have been the plague of this millennium, addressing which needs a global approach. Seeing the current scenario and speculating the future, we decided to give a serious thought on mental health. Thus we came up with the meaningful initiative –ArtfulPeace Cumulative. And we’re so glad that people are coming forward to extend their support. And the best part
is people are opening up, including the artists; how some of them have gone
through the phase, how they are trying to overcome their fear and anxiety.
This is what we wanted – to break the stigma!,” said Rishi Paullah.
The initiative kicked off on May 03 with the Delhi-based multi-genre band
Jazba E Junoon. Yoga and meditation sessions, and medical counseling
sessions are scheduled. Performers and speakers such as internationally
known Indian folk singer Kalpana Patowary, Bollywood singer and composer
Ambar Das, Bollywood violinist Sandeep Thakur, eminent Urdu poet &

Dastangoi artist Kafeel Jafri, Hindi poet Mohit Mudita Dwivedi, popular Sufi
Rock band Zikrr, Hindustani classical vocalist Anuratn Rai, Tabla Player Sabir
Hussain, Flautist Sudipta Dipak, Playback singer, and music director Mayukh
Hazarika, Alternative Carnatic Rock band The Iyer Project, Vedic Rock band VRR
Sutra, Folk-fusion band Aahvaan, Singer-composer, and producer Puneet Kalra,
and Writer-Poet, Socio-Political Activist & Motivational Communicator Tinat
Atifa Masood, among others, have participated in this initiative to support the

“I have been battling with depression for the past 4 years. It is unfortunate that I didn’t receive any support from anyone in the initial phase which further deteriorated my condition. Eventually, I had to seek medical help; currently undergoing therapies and on medication. There is no shame in admitting how
one is feeling and what one is going through. It is about time people accept
that depression is real and not just mere sadness. One primary reason we
decided to work on mental health is because I am a victim myself. And I hope
ArtfulPeace Cumulative will bring the change we want to see. We plan to keep this as a continuous approach and not merely a time stipulated campaign.
Currently our slots are full till June. Sensitization and Awareness are two important pillars we’re trying to address,” said Pritisha Borthakur.

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