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Mizoram Govt. reimposed seven-day lockdown in Aizawl MC area

A seven-day complete lockdown was reimposed by the Mizoram government in Aizawl Municipal Corporation area due to the rising cases of Covid-19. The shutdown will be in force from July 18 till the midnight of July 24.

The Mizoram government had eased restrictions on June 30 after Covid-19 cases decreased. The order said the trajectory of positive cases continues to rise with the daily average of new infections growing steadily from 55 in April to 202 in May to 381 in the first fortnight of July .

Lockdown or other stringent restrictions may be imposed in other parts of the state by Deputy Commissioners depending on the coronavirus situation.

According to official, after the majority of fresh cases being reported from the AMC area, the imposition of total lockdown is necessary to curtail a further surge.

The notification said only essential services including water and electricity, healthcare and LPG distribution will function.

All shops will be closed in the AMC area except those dealing with essential commodities.

“To control the rising cases of Covid-19, we have imposed complete lockdown in Aizawl Muncipal area. Shops dealing with essential commodities will be functioning for limited time,” an official said.

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