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More madrassas to be closed in Assam

300 more madrassas to be shut down in Assam soon. Assam CM Sarma talking to media said that, “We have already shut down 600 madrassas, there was a meeting between stakeholders, and there is a consensus that 300 more madrassas can be closed, after a meeting between the Assam police and the Qaumi organisations, it has been mutually decided that 300 more madrassas will be closed.”

Responding to a question on the controversial  movie ‘The Kerala Story’, the Chief Minister said, “In Assam the people are watching, so I don’t want to comment on anything positively or negatively on the Supreme Court judgement.”

Asked on the possibility of a crackdown on polygamy, the Chief Minister said, “There would be no crackdown because polygamy is legal as of now so far as Muslim believers are concerned, so till we amend the law, polygamy is legal and we cannot go for a crackdown, but if any Hindu is found to be practicing polygamy, then we can take legal action. In support of the decision of banning polygamy the chief minister said that the idea behind banning is to safeguard the dignity of Muslim mothers and daughters. He added “If you read the Quran, then you will know that Prophet Muhammad said that in Islam Monogamy is a rule, polygamy is an exception. I am even ready to sit in a debate with an Islamic scholar on this topic.”

Answering on a query over the child marriage issue, Sarma said, “We can see another crackdown on child marriage offenders very soon.”

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