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Nalbari police arrest minority girl for her ‘Objectionable post’ insulting Hinduism

Nalbari police arrested a girl from Kamarkuchi village of Nalbari for uploading ‘Objectionable post‘ in her mobile WhatsApp status.

According to police, Pakiza Begum of Kamarkuchi village of Nalbari on Wednesday uploaded the photo of a dead cow and in the second photo a piece of beef was uploaded in her WhatsApp status.

“The girl mentioned in her WhatsApp status to ‘gift’ a piece of beef meat to Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. On Wednesday, Muslim community celebrated Eid all over the world and such kind of ‘objectionable post‘ meant for Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma will create disharmony among the two communities,” said a source.

Pakiza Begum is the daughter of Khalekur Rahman of Kamarkuchi village of Nalbari. Rahman was BJP‘s minority Morcha ex-president of Nalbari.

Nalbari unit of Vishva Hindu Parishad(VHP) registered a FIR at Nalbari police station for creating communal disharmony between the two communities.

“Such controversial post was an insult to Hindu culture. We can’t tolerate such attempt to insult our old age culture. Hindu regard ‘Cow‘ as scared then how did the girl post such ‘Objectionable post‘ in her WhatsApp status,” said a member of Nalbari VHP.

Talking to Newsmove on Thursday morning, Nalbari Superintendent of Police Pabindra Kumar Nath said, “Yesterday a girl uploaded ‘Objectionable post‘ in her WhatsApp status. We have registered a ‘Suomoto’ case and arrested her. Later she was released on bail because it was a bailable offence.”

It was the first such case after Assam government passed Assam Cattle Preservation Act, 2021 to regulate illegal transportation of cattle.

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