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NewsMoveJoinHands: 33 stranded labourers from Nagaon, Assam to walk back from Andhra Pradesh

Lockdown Has Sealed The Fate Of 33 From Assam; Thirty Three Labourers From Assam’s Nagaon Is Working In Andhra Pradesh’s Prakasam District Is Stranded There Since Lockdown Was Clamped.

Here are the pointers regarding the entire case:

  1. About 33 persons from Barhampur constituency and Nowgaon district of Assam, stranded in Andhra Pradesh, are facing an acute food crisis.
  2. They have made up their mind to die in their native land Assam instead of succumbing to hunger.
  3. These stranded people are daring to walk down 25000 km to Assam.
  4. They are all set to begin their journey with only a bottle of water in their hands.
  5. One of them has recently undergone surgery.
  6. The group members are facing trouble for the patients
  7. These people were working in EVL Granites Company in Angul in Prakasham district of Andhra Pradesh.
  8. At the initial stage of the lockdown, the company extended help which was not sufficient for their survival
  9. They express their grievance over the fact the even after contacting the government through the helpline, they did receive any response.
  10. Moreover, even after intimating a number of people from Assam about their condition, they have not received any sort of support till date.

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