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Non-tribals beelining to join tribal party in Tripura

Ahead of the Assembly polls in Tripura, the tribal party TIPRA Motha has started its campaigns in the tribal dominated areas of the state.

More than 1200 voters including voters from Bengali and Minority Muslim community joined TIPRA Motha in presence of its chief Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma on Monday.

Talking to reporters, Pradyot said that around 1200 voters from 556 families joined TIPRA Motha at Kakraban Assembly Constituency in Udaipur sub-division under Gomati district on November 7.

“556 with around 1200 voters from Tripuri, Bengali and Muslim family joined Tipra Motha today”, he stated.

Earlier addressing a mass gathering, Pradyot who is also the royal scion of the state lashed out at the Tripura government for depriving the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC).

“I want to provide something to my Tiprasa people. Tiprasa people have sacrificed so many things now they will not sacrifice more and now they deserve something. Almost 70 percent of Tripura is under TTAADC but when it’s for the budget we get only 10 percent from the state budget. Tiprasa people only get Kuccha house (mud house) but the state government provides pucca houses and declares Smart City in Agartala”, said Pradyot.

He said the TTAADC is suppose to receive around Rs 9000 crore while the state government is providing only Rs 600 crore.

“35 percent of the population is living in the TTAADC area. We should get Rs 9000 crore and we are getting only Rs 600 crore why? This is unjustified. For this, I am fighting for people for real development and rights. I don’t want anything. I just need the right for my people. This fight is not for position or to become a minister or leader”, said Pradyot.

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