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Over 30% of COVID-19 Home Isolation patients eventually goes to hospitals for treatment: Health experts

At a time when the hospitals in Assam are burdened with new COVID-19 cases daily, at least 30 per cent of those in the home isolation have to get admitted in the hospitals for better treatments.

Assam health department, that hadn’t been much of an advocate for home isolation of asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, following several requests from medical professional’s associations and patients had allowed the same on July 11 after laying down stringent norms to ensure their well being without any further spread of the disease.

A study of the COVID patients in eleven major districts in the state had revealed that at least 20 per cent of the total infected are living in home isolation.

“However, more than 30 percent COVID positive patients who had opted for home isolation have come to the GMCH for treatment,” Dr Abhijit Sarma, Superintendent of GMCH, said.

While GMCH is one among the five medical colleges in the state that are treating symptomatic and critical cases, the figures of home isolated coming within the institutional treatments is more or less same in other districts too, a health official said.

Dr Sarma said, “The abysmal numbers of people from home isolation resorting to institutional indicates that they were clearly not following the rules and protocol framed for home isolation properly.”

30 per cent coming for institutional treatment is “abysmal” because, the state has maintained a an overall recovery rate of 76 per cent till date.

“While only 70 per cent are recovering from home isolation. The recovery rate of asymptomatic patients in the state is over 80 per cent,” a health professional said.

Dr Sarma also found the patients of concealing details regarding their “asymptomatic status, availability of the infrastructure and facilities to avail home isolation” to be in “comforts of their homes and close to their family members.”

“The home isolation patients also does not strictly follow the Do’s and Don’t’s,” Sarma said.

COVID-19 cases are rising in Assam at an average of over 2,800 cases on a daily basis with a total of 1.23 lakh cases so far. A total of 352 people have died.

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