Pakoras : A Great snack in winters…

Chicken Pakora and Sauce

There can be nothing better than a steaming cup of tea and ‘pakoras’ (fritters) in a cold winter evening, specifically when the market is overflowing with varieties of seasonal vegetables which can be used in making the snack. Pakoras are usually made of gram flour and different vegetables mixed with spices. However, a wide range of pakoras can also be made with cottage cheese or paneer, cheese, egg and chicken. Some even experiment to make fish and shrimp pakoras which are also delicious, specifically for the fish lovers.

Vegetable Pakora with sauce (Image used for representative purpose, Source : Google)

Pakoras are one of the most popular street snacks in India. This simple snack sold in the streets also become essential part of celebrations and festivals. Different types of sauces and chutneys are served with pakoras, which enhances its taste. In an age when everyone is conscious of their health and avoid fried food, pakoras might not be a very good option. But in almost every Indian household, a plate of crispy hot pakoras is always relished, as it becomes too tempting to keep away from it.

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