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Panchayat secretary held for taking a petty bribe of Rs 500 from three youths

A panchayat secretary of Panitola Gaon panchayat was caught red handed by police while taking a bribe of Rs 500 from three youths for making Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) on Monday.

The panchayat secretary have been identified as Mridupaban Chetia.

He was caught by Panitola police outpost inspector-in-charge Dinanath Sonowal while the panchayat secretary taking bribe from the three youths.

“We have received a formal complained from the youths that the panchayat secretary had asked for bribe of Rs 500 from them. Today, he was held while taking the bribe,” said Dinanath Sonowal.

Sonowal said that the panchayat secretary confessed that he has asked money from them for purchase of office papers.

“This types of corrupt practice is still prevalent in many places of Assam. In many government offices, the officer takes bribes. Many government staffs calls it chahai-pani to done the work,” said a source.

“We have detained the panchayat secretary of Panitola Gaon panchayat and interrogating him. He has already confessed of taking bribe from them,” said a police officer.

The state government has committed for zero tolerance against corruption and many government officials have been arrested for corruption and malpractice in different government departments of Assam.

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