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Sikkim: 98 Samples Tests Positive For Delta Variants of Covid-19

Sikkim Health Minister MK Sharma on Monday said that 98 random samples were sent to Kalyani in West Bengal for genome testing on June 23.

Sharma informed that 97 samples have positive for the Delta Variant of Covid-19.

“The Delta Variant is not just highly transmissible, but it makes the patient serious with minimum symptoms. I urge people to come to the hospital as early as possible,” Sharma told reporters.

“We can now conclude that the positivity rate hasn’t gone down because of the spread of Delta Variant in Sikkim. The COVID fatality is at 0.59, which is not so worrisome,” he informed.

The COVID-19 positivity rate in Sikkim has been at 18.6% in July so far.

The second wave of Covid-19 hit Sikkim along with other Northeastern states. The state government has taken slew of measures to control the rising cases.

Sharma said that a total lockdown of Sikkim won’t be possible at this point. “But micro containment of wards and villages is being carried out to control the cases,” he added.

The minister said the government will now follow up on samples of patients who have already recovered and checked out of hospitals.

He further added, “ This will help us understand high COVID positivity in certain areas and communities of Sikkim concerning the presence of Delta Variant for better containment measures,”.

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