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Sikkim records at least 49% of its deaths to COVID-19 and not to co-morbid issues in second wave

In an alarming trend, the Himalayan state Sikkim has reported at least 49 per cent of its COVID-19 deaths in the second wave, 181, solely due to the disease and not of any co-morbid issues in the patient’s body.

In a latest data submitted by the state health department to its Chief Minister PS Golay, it mentioned that 87 deaths were caused due to COVID-19 while 94 deaths were caused due to co-morbid reasons.

The state, since March last year, has lost 319 deaths to the disease of which, 136 were in first wave. The co-morbid death in the first wave was 112, that is, 82 per cent, at least 33 per cent more than that in the second wave.

The second wave was recorded in the frontier state of Northeast India from April this year, and the 136 deaths were recorded in just a little over two months when the country showed an average of over 18.37 per cent positivity rate. It was 7.4 per cent in the first wave that was chronicled between March last year to April this year– 13 months.

The second wave has a case fatality ratio (CFR) of 1.1 per cent maintaining 0.70 per cent in April, 1.44 per cent in May, 1.03 per cent in June and 0.44 per cent in July, the data revealed.

The state also recorded around 155 per cent more number of new COVID-19 cases in the second wave compared to the first wave.

While addressing the media on Friday, health director general Dr Pempa Tshering Bhutia said: “The higher rate of COVID-19 deaths were witnessed because people didn’t come to the hospital or reported when their condition got really deteriorated.”

Meanwhile, the hospital admission ratio steadily declined in Sikkim from 17 per cent in March to 8.7 per cent in May, and 9.76 per cent in June during the peak of the second wave. The hospital admission rate for the 15 days of July was 6.23 per cent.

The recovery rate has been a matter of concern with the state steadily maintaining a lower rate compared to the national average. While the recovery rate was 87 per cent in April, it dropped down to 71 per cent in May, scaling back to 87 per cent in June and edging to 88 per cent in July so far.

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