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Look beautiful in winters, Take care during make-up!

Take care of your skin during winters

To look beautiful in winters is not so difficult and the experts say that it only requires keeping a few things in mind before applying make-up.

1. The first and foremost way to get a flawless skin is to keep it properly hydrated. Face masks with intense hydration and nourishment can be used.

2.  Before applying foundation the skin needs to be properly moisturized, as it helps in removing the flakiness and irritation of dry skin. 

Skincare products used by female (Image : Bloglovin)

3. A cream based foundation should be used which glides smoothly over the skin as a matte formula will give an uneven finish. 

4. It is imperative to exfoliate the lips to get rid of dead skin so that gorgeous lipstick can be worn. As a remedial measure, the hand bag needs to have a lip balm in it.

5. To give a natural effect a liquid highlighter with a damp sponge should be applied, as powdered highlighter can dry the skin.

Skincare during winters is important (Representative Image, Photo : Google)

6. A right cleanser, neither too harsh nor too gentle, should be used to preserve the natural oil and healthy cells of the skin.

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