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Tensions Mount in Imphal: Fresh Clashes and Arson Renew Chaos in Manipur

The situation in Imphal, Manipur’s capital city, has once again escalated into a tense standoff as reports of fresh flare-ups and acts of arson have emerged. Curfew has been reimposed in the region following a face-off between the Meitei and Kuki communities in the New Checkon area of Imphal. To bring the situation under control, the Indian Army and paramilitary forces have been deployed. Instances of vandalism and houses being set on fire have been reported, exacerbating the already volatile environment.

According to recent reports, the confrontation between the Meitei and Kuki communities has led to renewed tensions in Imphal. In response to the escalating situation, authorities have imposed a curfew to maintain law and order. The presence of army and paramilitary forces aims to restore peace and prevent further violence.

Disturbing reports have surfaced of vandalism in vacant houses that were abandoned by residents during the earlier bout of violence. Some of these houses have been set on fire, intensifying the already volatile situation in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, the Indian Army and Assam Rifles have been working closely in coordination to ensure the safe transportation of essential goods to and from Imphal. The city has been facing a shortage of essential supplies, and safeguarding the movement of vehicles has become a priority. The forces are specifically focused on protecting vehicles along NH 37, also known as “The Lifeline of Manipur.”

In order to secure the transportation route, the Indian Army has implemented various measures. Prophylactic Area Domination Patrols, consisting of Army and Assam Rifles personnel, are being conducted to ensure the safety of civilian vehicles traveling on NH 37. Additionally, aerial surveillance is being carried out using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Cheetah Helicopters. Companies of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Manipur Police, along with personnel from five police stations and the India Reserve Battalion, have been deployed to enhance security.

The volatile situation in Imphal and the renewed clashes between communities underscore the fragility of the peace in Manipur. The reimposition of curfew and the deployment of security forces reflect the urgency to restore calm and protect the lives and properties of the residents.

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