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‘The Silent Killer’- film on Drug Addiction

Dr. Moushumi Bhattacharjee

‘The Silent Killer’- a short film on drug addiction was released by a group of young film enthusiasts on 2nd October in their You Tube channel. It is also available in Facebook. The film is about a young man who gets addicted to drugs because of his broken relationship and unemployment. The hardships he faces later and how a cop changes his life are shown in the film to enlighten the youth.

After research we found that “the rise in addiction in our society directly links with the rise in unemployment. As we become depressed, we seek to support that with our addictive practices” says Aminul. “Addiction can be solved with the right education tool” and this was the main intention behind making of this film said the director.

The 24 minute film tries to spread awareness about drug addiction among students, parents and addicts about the harmful effects of the killer treatment which they resort to. ‘The Silent Killer’ has a clear message- Influence of bad friendships and lack of love and attention make one rely on drugs. It also highlights the police’s friendly activities to help victims de-addict themselves. 

The script of the film is written by Aminul Haque who is also the director and the lead actor in the film. The film is produced by Baraliya Welfare Society. Manash Deka, Rijaul Haque, Jiarul Haque, Mashum Barthakur, Himakshi Devi, Tinamoni Deka, Raju Ahmed, Jagannath Sharma are in the cast.

Bio Profile:- Dr. Moushumi Bhattacharjee – An Independent Researcher and Folk Media Enthusiasts.

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