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Top 6 Future Gadgets that will make our lives easier

-Prasenjit Dev

Today, we live in a technologically fast paced world, surrounded by high-speed internet and wide array of apps. We are just a click away from any information. In a sense, we can say that we live in a world which is smart and becoming smarter day by day. With numerous tech inventions lurking round the corridor of software companies, the next generation is surely going to have a tech-freak age. The world of gadgets is evolving with every passing day and the future looks exciting. So, let’s head into the world of Future Gadgets that’s going to change our lifestyle altogether:

# Ambient Umbrella:    First on the list is advanced umbrella that’s capable of sending signals regarding the weather condition. This smart umbrella, better known as Ambient Umbrella communicates with its owner using patterned blue lights if the forecast calls for rain. With the help of wireless receiver mounted at the handle of the umbrella, it connects with AccuWeather and pulses gentle blue light when it’s about to rain.

Ambient umbrella

# Clean Closet:     Almost every day we come across several ads of washing bars and powders, but with Clean Closet all these washing products will be out of our house. This smart closet, created by Electrolux Design Lab, first scans the clothes for impurities and cleans using molecular technology. With the help of this wonderful gadget one can save water and clean clothes quickly.

Clean Closet

# Urine Analysis Smart Toilet:         When every other gadget is getting a makeover, why not our toilet seats? Nanotech Researchers of Cambridge University has come up with Smart Toilet which can analyze our urine each time we use it. The result of the urine analysis will be straight away transmitted to the connected laptop or mobile app of the house owner. With the help of the feedbacks, patients can get timely medication and physicians can give the right drug at the right time.  

Urine Analysis smart toilet

#Smart Plate: What if our plate becomes our nutritionist? Yes, it is possible with Smart Plate. This innovative plate uses tiny cameras and advanced image sensors to recognize the food items in order to calculate the nutritional content of a meal. Now, using the linked app, one can find out the amount of fat, calories, protein, etc. that is consumed in a meal. One can easily set goals and monitor daily intake using this app.

Smart Plate

# Transparent OLED TV:      Television was once the main source of entertainment.  It still holds a special place in our household when it comes to spending our leisure time. Companies like Xiomi, LG, Panasonic, etc. have come up with a stylish OLED TV which is completely transparent. Today, as architects and interior designers are looking for more and more creative designs, Transparent TV can surely be in their top list to give the house a glossy look. So, get ready for an amazing visual experience.

Transparent OLED TV

# Bio Robot Refrigerator:      One of the most innovative gadgets of our time is going to be the Bio Robot Refrigerator which is designed by Yuriy Dmitriev. This futuristic refrigerator, which runs without electricity and consumes less space, uses an odourless, non-sticky gel that wraps the food and forms a protective barrier. The gel absorbs the heat energy and keeps the food items cool. It also protects the food from harmful UV radiations and ensures that the food doesn’t get damaged.

Bio Robot Refrigerator

A teacher by profession, Prasenjit Dev is currently based at Kimi, Arunachal Pradesh, working for Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya. He is a blogger and a freelance content-writer.

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