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7 interesting local drinks of North East India:

1. ‘Apong’ or ‘Rice beer’ is an important traditional drink the ‘Mising’ tribe of Assam and Adi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. This homemade drink is served in all the important cultural and social occasions of the Misings. 

2. Another drink customary to the Ahoms is ‘xaj’, also known as xaj pani or koloh pani. This rice beer is prepared with fermented rice and mix of various herbs.

3. Judima is a popular alcoholic beverage of the Dimasas. A starter cake made out of glutinous (bora) rice and powdered bark of Thembra is used to prepare this beverage.       

Traditional beverages of NorthEast India (Image : Google)

4. A very famous wine of Mizoram is Zawlaidi, meaning love potion in Mizo language. This wine from the northern part of the state is made up of grapes.

5. Kiad um is a local beer of Meghalaya, which is served in bamboo tumblers. It is an essential part of the cultural and social life of the ‘pnar’ tribe of Jaintia hills

6. Zutho is a frothy drink with a sweet and sour taste. This is one of the Nagaland’s most popular indigenous varieties of rice beer.

7. The typical drink of Tripura, Chuwarak is a distilled variety of liquor. It is either made of rice or pineapple and jackfruits with local ingredients such as tokhiseleng and thakotor leaves.

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