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Tripura agriculture minister says the state may face shortage of foodgrain

Tripura agriculture minister Pranajit Singha Roy said Tripura may face a shortage of 59,570 MT foodgrain as per preliminary estimates, as this year the aaush and jhum cultivations couldn’t be done on 25,000 hectare cultivable land due to dearth of rainfall.

Talking to media persons, Roy said the government had set a target of cultivating 30,000 hectares of land in the aaush cropping season this year in addition to a target of shifting cultivation on 15,500 hectares of land.
“However, due to 52% shortage of rainfall in March and 64% less rainfall in April this year, aaush crops could be grown in only 11,161-hectare land and jhum cultivation could be done on only 9,000 hectare land,” the minister said.
Roy added his department is aiming to achieve 10,000 MT additional crop production from 20,000 hectares of land through Integrated Crop Management.
The minister said the amon sowing season is still on and while the government hopes the Integrated Crop Management would be sufficient to bridge the gap of foodgrain shortage, the exact picture will be clear after the first assessment of crop estimates arrive in October this year. Aaush and amon are local paddy cropping seasons.
Since farmers face difficulties in aaush cultivation due to lack of rain, the government has decided to provide an assistance of Rs 3,918 per hectare to the farmers during the amon crop.
The benefit would be available for farmers who sow young paddy plants in rows, deweed the fields twice, and use prescribed quantities of urea fertiliser.

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