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Tripura youth seeks CM’s permission for euthanasia if state of affairs aren’t changed

A men from central Tripura’s Dhalai district “fed up” of the administration in the state had on Tuesday asked the Chief Minister Biplab Deb to either change the way of running the state or give him permission to conduct euthanasia on himself.

Amal Gope, a small time businessman from Fulchari village under Kamalpur subdivision of Dhalai District on Tuesday reached out to media with a letter he wrote to the CM on July 15 seeking permission to kill himself since the state, after repeatedly informing about the “sorry state of affairs”.

In the letter that was received by Chief Minister’s office, he shared his grudge in particular against food minister Manoj Kanti Deb, who is also a legislator from Kamalpur.

He alleged the minister is in cahoots with a drug racket from Bangladesh which he allows to stay in the state and help conduct “rampant smuggling and peddling of various psychotropic substances.”

“I have faced the brunt for raising my voice against the minister as I received death threats and my business suffered. It’s better the CM give me permission for conducting euthanasia if my complaints are not paid any heed. I also hope the CM takes care of my family and my child’s education when I am gone,” Gope requested the CM in his letter written in Bengali.

Minister Manoj Kanti Deb, however, when asked about Gope’s allegations, said, “These allegations are baseless. I will let the people of Kamalpur to judge my mettle. They have known men for long who I really am.”
On Gope, the minister said, “He used to stay in my quarters when he came to Agartala from Kamalpur. I had even helped him with Rs 2,500 to buy clothes for his son last Durga Puja. He probably has some personal vendetta against me.”

Gope had earlier spoken to MP Pratima Bhowmik and MP Rebati Tripura and CM Biplab Deb about the same allegations and the “Bangladeshi drug peddlers” attacking him and his family.

Euthanasia — painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma — was allowed since March 2018, in India on a passive manner with the consent through a living will, of a patient who is either terminally ill or in a vegetative state.

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