Two Day Web Convention on 100 Years of Media Education

-Dr. Moushumi Bhattacharjee

Dr. Anamika Roy Memorial Trust which is a city based non-profit organization to commemorate the hundred years of media education in South Asia organised a two day international web convention on 19th and 20th December titled ‘Hundred Years of Media Education: Decoding the South Asian Mystique’.

The inaugural session was chaired by K.V.Nagaraj – conference chair and former Pro Vice-Chancellor of Assam University, Silchar while Dr. Jatin Srivastava, conference Executive Chair and Director of Institute of International Journalism, Ohio University chaired the valedictory session. “While decolonisation in South Asia remains a continuing endeavour to eradicate colonial structures, media in the region faces a challenge with neo-liberal capitalist power structure becoming deeply embedded- because that determines whether voices will get heard”- said Prof. Mohan J. Dutta Dean’s Chair Professor of Communication and Director of the Centre for Culture-Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE) at Massey University.

Media education is an interdisciplinary subject that has a great contribution to the Indian higher education. Media and information literacy is facing a new mutation with the advancement of internet boom. “This conference is a landmark to celebrate the status of media education and an excellent opportunity to reflect upon the journey” highlighted Prof. Surabhi Dahiya course Director IIMC, New Delhi. The convention has a participation of around 500 global delegates in 8 plenary and 8 technical sessions respectively dealing with themes on technology trends, media literacy, internationalisation, corporate impact, new signposts of quality, generalisation vs specialisation, legal currents, return to social watchdog function, communication research and language media.

The convention is jointly organised by Institute for International Journalism (IIJ) of Ohio University, Institute of Media Studies and Research (IMSR), Bangalore and Assam based Dr. Anamika Roy Memorial Trust, Guwahati in association with Global Risk Journalism Hub, South Asian Communication association (SACA), Public Relations Council Of India (PRCI) and Indo- Bangla Media Educators Network.

This convention accredits the contribution of Dr. Annie Besant who initiated the first journalism course at the National University at Adyar, Madras under the aegis of Theosophical Society, in 1920. “This year marks the centenary of media education in South Asia and we should accept the opportunity to evaluate not only our achievements but also the shortcomings in this journey” said Dr. Ankuran Dutta – organising secretary of the event.

Dr. Moushumi Bhattacharjee – An Independent Researcher and Folk Media Enthusiasts.

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